This program has ended

The Africa Biogas Partnership Program has reached the end of its funding period and is now finalized. The documentary 10 years of powering lives offers a personal snapshot of how biogas has ignited the “power” of households by restoring barren soils and providing access to a clean, affordable and sustainable source of energy.


To develop and support a sustainable market sector for household biogas digesters in the target countries.


Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda


Worldwide, more than two and a half billion people lack clean and safe cooking fuel. They rely on traditional sources such as wood, agricultural residues, dried manure and charcoal. The indoor pollution from these fuels kills nearly two million people a year and makes many more sick. Unsustainable collection of these traditional fuels is further exhausting natural resources, damaging the environment and contributing to climate change.


Biogas digesters have many benefits and fit nicely into farming systems that include livestock. ABPP’s main strategies are to develop the supply and demand side of the market, provide supporting services such as training and credit provision, and create a supporting institutional environment for the use and promotion of biogas.

Results so far

The results of Phase 2 so far include the installation of 60,000 biogas digesters, more than 300,000 ha of land organically fertilized (with 20-30 per cent crop production increase), the creation of 90 biogas construction enterprises and 4,200 jobs, as well as the involvement of 45 credit providers who give loans to customers who want to buy a biogas digester. On average, 38,000 women save 2.5 hours daily by no longer collecting firewood or scrubbing soot from pots.

Period and budget

2014-2019 (Phase 2), €88 million (including €60 million household contribution and €3 million carbon revenues)


Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (donor), Energising Development, 5 national implementing partners and their country’s governments