2013 Annual Report

The Annual Report and Annual Accounts show how Hivos gave shape to its ideals in 2013, from Nairobi to The Hague, and from Bolivia to Jakarta.


Combating Corruption

In South Africa, Hivos works closely with partners to root out corrupt practices which are often deeply embedded in the political and legal systems. 

Grants Applications

Hivos awards general grants throughout the year in all regions in its four programmes, Expression & Engagement, Green Entrepreneurship, Rights & Citizenship and Action for Change.

Portraits in Courage

Stories of brave, determined activists who fight for MENA women’s empowerment and influence. Their dream is a just, democratic and equal society in their countries.

Hivos Facts & Figures Worldwide

People reached 19.4 million

Number of partner organisations 722

Number of countries 27

Total income € 132.7 million

Offices abroad 6 regional and 6 local

Number of employees 338


More than 50 organizations from 15 Latin American countries give life to

The campaign against child labour in Zimbab

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