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For almost two decades in East Africa, Hivos has partnered with visionaries, individuals and frontrunners to achieve social change. Together, our efforts have given impetus to the birth of a human rights movement that is grounded on establishing just, inclusive and life sustaining societies where people have equal access to opportunities, rights and resources. While our accomplishments are many, each year has presented new challenges that have made us aspire to do even better.

Through smart, bold and daring projects we are constantly honing our strategy by partnering with rightsholders and like-minded partners to champion projects that address the following pressing challenges in East Africa:

  • Impacts of climate change
  • Decreasing democratic space
  • Growing socio-economic inequality
  • Sexual minorities attacked from all sides
  • Women’s right to bodily autonomy under threat

Our impact

Interventions in seven countries – over 172 partner organizations – a reach of over 6.8M people

Kennedy Mugochi

Director Hivos East Africa

Kennedy Mugochi is an international development expert who has worked tirelessly towards achieving a free, fair and sustainable world for over 15 years. Through the various portfolios he has held, Kennedy has contributed to critical development in Southern Africa through innovation and program development relying on the inclusive participation of communities in the region. He has built, supported and encouraged programs for international and community development, capacity building and policy analysis. He is also passionate about civil society and the evaluation of complex civil society initiatives in Africa.

Kennedy holds a PhD in Development Studies (University of KwaZulu-Natal) and a post-graduate diploma in International Development (London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London) as well as an MSc and a BSc in Sociology and Social Anthropology from the University of Zimbabwe.

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