Hivos Southern Africa and Ford Foundation set up the Regional SRHR Fund in 2010. It is a regional grant-making mechanism that strengthens sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR) interventions in Southern Africa. It was established to fill the critical need for a strategic regional response to SRHR issues in Southern Africa, particularly those faced by young people and adolescents. It also provides a mechanism for donors to coordinate their support to SRHR interventions in the region.

In 2017, the Swedish Development Agency’s (Sida) Regional SRHR Team enabled the fund to increase its technical and geographical reach across East and Southern Africa. The fund now occupies a unique position, tackling a wide range of strategic and emerging SRHR issues that affect the availability and accessibility of SRH information and services.

Additionally, the Regional SRHR Fund contributes to the gender equality, diversity and inclusion impact area of Hivos’ Strategic Compass.

Our aim

Stronger and more coordinated youth-led civil society in East and Southern Africa that can promote, address and advance SRHR and its intersections with HIV and gender inequalities at the regional level, with a key focus on a highly vulnerable and underserved population: girls and boys, adolescents, and young women and men.

Where we work

The Regional SRHR Fund works across East and Southern Africa. Program focus countries are: Kenya, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. We also have partners and do program implementation in Ghana, Lesotho, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda.

SRHR thematic focus areas

  1. Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV
  2. Sexual health, pleasure and rights
  3. Safe abortion care
  4. Gender-based violence (GBV)
  5. LGBTIQ+ people
  6. Unintended pregnancy
  7. Contraception
  8. Mental health
  9. Harmful traditional practices including female genital mutilation and child marriages 

What we do

The Regional SRHR Fund provides participatory grant making support to organizations, networks and movements in the region and does direct implementation in the following key areas:

  • We strengthen youth-led partner organizations with training, mentorship and upskilling in all areas of organizational and programmatic capacity and provide support for organizational development plans.

  • We support youth-led research initiatives for evidence generation and dissemination, promote the use of research products for advocacy, share knowledge, and engage in networking.

  • We undertake policy advocacy and campaigns to shift narratives, raise awareness, and to encourage the development and implementation of progressive SRHR laws, policies and practices.

  • We convene SRHR and policy gatherings to promote meaningful youth participation in SRHR decision-making.

  • We make responsive grants to facilitate engagement in strategic regional SRHR initiatives and enable organizations, networks and movements to undertake SRHR initiatives. Grant types include:

    • Capacity Strengthening Grants – Based on a call for proposals. Up to $25,000 to start SRHR initiatives with organizational development support.
    • Youth Research Academy (YRA) Grants – Based on a call for proposals. Up to $40,000 to support youth-led research initiatives.
    • Strategic Grants - Based on a call for proposals. Up to $100,000 to support implementation of SRHR initiatives on community engagement, advocacy and evidence generation.
    • Special Initiatives Fund (SIF) – Rapid response grants of a maximum of $100,000 for civil society responses to emerging SRHR issues, implementation of creative and innovative initiatives, and piloting new SRHR ideas and interventions. The grant is co-managed with Sida.


Our funding partners


  • Current funding contribution: SEK 75 million (USD 9.3 million)
  • Project duration and period – five years (2017 -2022)

Ford Foundation

  • Current funding contribution: USD 600,000
  • Project duration and period – three years (2022 -2025)

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