Contextual analysis on the age of consent for adolescents’ access to SRHR in Malawi

December 6, 2022

Age of consent requirements in Malawi create barriers for adolescent and youth access to Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) services. Addressing age of consent barriers will enable access to high quality, affordable SRH information and services thereby enabling adolescents and youth to make informed choices and ensure positive health seeking behaviors.

The Regional SRHR Fund developed a Malawi Age of Consent contextual analysis with the aim to support the undertaking of an evidence-led advocacy process by focusing on age of consent barriers to adolescents’ access to SRH services in Malawi. It provides recommendations to policy makers, government officials, Civil Society Organisation (CSOs), and other stakeholders on actions to be undertaken to make access to information and services a lived reality.

The Malawi Contextual Analysis is part of the Consent to Access (#Consent2Access) Campaign aimed at advocating for improved laws, policies and practices on age of consent for adolescent access to SRH information and services in Eastern and Southern Africa. The campaign is being undertaken by the Regional SRHR Fund with support from Sida.