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Supporting frontrunners

Hivos works with game-changing pioneers and frontrunners that inspire others. We have a keen eye for these creative, daring and unconventional innovators. Hivos offers them a platform, provides start-up funding and training, and connects them to different networks. Together, we develop ideas into programs that contribute to social change and more just, inclusive and life-sustaining societies.

We connect rightsholders, their organizations and allies to these pioneers so they can collaborate. The result is open-minded and creative alternatives to global problems; daring and undogmatic alternatives that serve the interest of all.

Frontrunners can be progressive citizens and organizations, courageous journalists or innovative artists and content producers. They operate on the frontlines of developments due to their pioneering ideas. However, not all frontrunners we support are cutting-edge creatives. They might also be brave young women who dare to claim their sexual and reproductive health and rights at local clinics in conservative communities, encouraged by their peers through our We Lead program.