The West and Central Africa (WCA) Alliance, supported by the African Biodigester Component (ABC), is a consortium that aims to boost the growth and sustainability of a commercial biodigester sector in eight Sub-Saharan African countries (see below). Implemented by Hivos and SNV, the WCA Alliance-ABC will strengthen the current intergovernmental framework that is addressing the poverty, energy needs and resilience of their populations by establishing national biogas programs in the member states.

How is it connected to climate change?

Countries in West Africa’s Sahel region are amongst those worst hit by climate change. From erratic rainfall patterns to prolonged drought, the effects of climate change are driving poverty, hunger, unemployment and migration. All of this has severely hampered economic development.

The role of the biodigester as a climate justice solution at this time cannot be overemphasized; it is of enormous help in mitigating climate change impacts and strengthening the resilience of communities to adapt to the ongoing crisis. And that is why the WCA Alliance-ABC is at the forefront of lobbying and building the capacity of WCA countries to fast-track existing political goodwill from paper to action.

What are the main goals of the program?

  • Building capacity within and providing institutional strengthening for the WCA Alliance so it can effectively enter into political dialogue with the governments of its member states
  • Supporting lobby and advocacy efforts to smooth the way for a budding market-driven biodigester sector in member states
  • Inserting gender mainstreaming in national biodigester programs to create gender-sensitive climate action


Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, Mali, Niger, Senegal and Togo.

Planned activities

  • Assist governments in identifying weaknesses in establishing an enabling environment for a thriving biodigester sector.
  • Develop policies, regulations and standards necessary for a market-oriented biodigester sector to flourish.
  • Carry out training activities that will stimulate local expertise in market development
  • Include gender mainstreaming in promotion and awareness activities on the benefits of biodigester.
  • Stimulate carbon finance as an approach for a sustainable biodigester sector.

Period and budget

December 2021 to December 2025, € 1,260,000


SNV, WCA Alliance


Netherlands Enterprise Agency  (RVO), operating under the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy