Impact Together! (12G) is an EU-funded program that promotes and strengthens the social economy as a driver for job creation and inclusive economic opportunities in North Africa and the Middle East.

Led by Impact Europe (formerly European Venture Philanthropy Association – EVPA), it works through local implementing partners in Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, and Jordan. Hivos is the regional partner for I2G, providing support and sharing knowledge with the implementing partners.

The project operates at three levels:

Macro: By enhancing policy dialogue and awareness about the social economy and social innovation, the project advocates for relevant policy frameworks and fosters collaboration among a wide range of stakeholders. They include public authorities, business support organizations, investors, financing institutions, and social entrepreneurs.

Meso: The project is strategically designed to boost the capacity and competencies of Social Economy Support Organizations (SESOs) and local partners. This involves bridging the gap between policy frameworks and the specific needs of social entrepreneurs and enterprises.

Micro: The project provides tailored support for social entrepreneurs in its countries of operation to help them scale up their ventures, improve market access, and thereby enhance their social impact.

Why Hivos, and why focus on the social economy? 

Hivos has been chosen as a regional partner for this project due to our extensive experience in supporting sustainable, green Small and Growing Businesses (SGBs) in North Africa. Leveraging these successful initiatives, Hivos plays a pivotal role in the project by supporting Impact Europe and I2G partners in networking. We also identify strategic stakeholders to actively engage with the project.

Our responsibilities include capacity building and knowledge sharing with I2G partners, especially passing on our accumulated experience in supporting and investing in green SGBs. This project seamlessly integrates relevant activities from our program Challenge Fund for a Just Transition, particularly coordinating effective knowledge exchange and sharing.

The work of I2G in the region is closely tied to our overarching goals of promoting the commercial and investment viability of green and social SGBs. Through I2G, we unite a diverse pool of knowledge and efforts, contributing to the development of a favorable environment for green social enterprises and impact investing.

Our interventions and strategies 

  • Capacity building training for I2G partners on creating a support program for green enterprises.
  • Capacity building training for I2G partners on developing KPIs to measure green job creation and gender inclusion.
  • Co-creation of knowledge products to better understand the impact investing network in the MENA region.
  • Engaging and working with MENA region strategic stakeholders involved in social entrepreneurship and impact investing to support I2G’s advocacy efforts.
  • Contributing to marketing and visibility activities of the I2G project in the MENA region.


Hivos collaborates with partners in all of I2G’s countries, but focuses its implementation efforts on Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt.

Period and budget

Jan 2023 – June 2025. EUR 775,000

Partners & Donor

The project is led by Impact Europe (formerly EVPA) with a consortium of partners where Hivos is the regional partner for the project. Sylabs in Algeria, Impact Partner in Tunisia, Happy Smala in Morocco, Enroot in Egypt, Build Palestine for Palestine, and AlFanar covering Lebanon and Jordan.