This program has ended


Biogas Business Boost Benefiting Farmers (4B-F) aims to accelerate demand for the domestic biogas digesters through incentivizing service providers and improving product quality.


Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania


The Africa Biogas Partnership Program plays a critical role in providing rural households with access to clean and affordable energy for cooking and lighting, as well as liquid and composted slurry for agriculture. This is driven by the need to provide access to an alternative, sustainable source of energy for daily activities, clean cooking, economic opportunities and income generation for the growing population.


The 4B-F program is part of the continued efforts to build a commercially viable biogas market in Africa. It complements efforts of the Africa Biogas Partnership Programmeby focusing on the private sector to boost quality assurance – offered by after sales service to households- conducted by the Biogas Construction Enterprises (BCEs).

Period and budget

2014-2019,€ 2.5 million


SNV. Supported by Energising Development (EnDev)