Biogas: an alternative ‘powering’ lives

September 27, 2017

Globally, it’s estimated around 1.3 billion people lack access to electricity; Africa’s population alone accounts for almost half of that figure.

Sadly, the use of traditional biomass as fuel for cooking and a reliance on expensive diesel-powered, polluting generators have been the norm in Africa. While it’s been argued that access to energy propels socio-economic transformation, the poor – who bear the brunt of energy inefficiency – often must go without quality education, healthcare and a sustainable source of livelihoods.

To help close the energy access gap in Sub-Saharan Africa, Hivos East Africa in conjunction with partners is working to provide an alternative source of energy especially for the rural-poor. These are the people who have been left behind by mass electrification projects and macro energy systems based on wind and solar power.

This short film documents the impact our biogas interventions have had in Kenya and Uganda.

About Africa Biogas Partnership Programme

This is a partnership programme being implemented in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Burkina Faso that seeks to build a commercially viable market sector for biogas in Africa. So far the programme has seen the construction of 60,000 biogas plants. Read more