Consultancy: Safeguarding facilitator

Region: Global
Office: Nairobi, Kenya
Hours: Consultancy
Application deadline: October 9, 2022

Terms of Reference: Safeguarding Investigations Trainer


Hivos is an international development organization guided by humanist values. Together with citizens and their organizations, we aim to contribute towards just, inclusive and life-sustaining societies where people have equal access to opportunities, rights and resources. We work in partnership with others in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America on three impact areas: Civic Rights in a Digital Age; Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, and Climate Justice. Our approach is solution-driven, and we build wider movements for change by amplifying and connecting voices. Hivos was founded in 1968. Our founders held the conviction that development work should be secular, as true cooperation presumes respect for differing beliefs. In our first-ever brochure, our founders wrote that “necessary changes should spring from communities themselves – from people at the base of society.” These convictions are still reflected in our work


Hivos works for a world where people can realize their full potential, unleashing their ingenuity and creativity to build fair, just and life-sustaining societies for themselves and generations to come. Our mission is to amplify and connect voices that promote social and environmental justice and challenge power imbalances. We particularly empower marginalized rightsholders to raise their voice and demand freedom of choice.

Hivos supports the development of alternative solutions to deep-seated problems so that individuals and communities can make responsible and equitable choices within political and economic systems that serve their needs and preserve the planet. We connect people and organizations offering alternatives to those looking for solutions in their fight for social and environmental justice.


Hivos firmly believes in every person’s right to live in freedom and dignity, to enjoy equal opportunities, and to influence decisions made regarding the changes they want to see in their lives, communities and country.

We envision a world in which individual differences and backgrounds are respected and used to strengthen communities. A world in which people join forces to challenge the power imbalances that allow environmental degradation and propel climate change; that condone exploitation, oppression and exclusion; and that perpetuate gender inequalities.


Hivos has guts and dares to tackle sensitive issues. The way we question existing power structures and their effects on society is different and innovative. We are not afraid to confront the powers that be in the quest for new solutions. And we critically review how we achieve the mission and goals we have set.

Consultancy background

Everyone at Hivos has a role in creating and sustaining a safe and respectful working environment, where no one comes to any harm or is maltreated. At Hivos we take our responsibilities very seriously and will take action against wrongdoing. We will do everything we can to ensure that we do not engage people that pose a safeguarding risk and will undertake criminal record checks as required.

At Hivos we use the following working definition of safeguarding:

Safeguarding is the responsibility of Hivos to make sure our staff, operations, and programs do no harm to anyone who comes into contact with our work. This includes preventing inappropriate behaviours such as staff bullying and harassment.

Safeguarding focal point persons have been noted in all regions where we work, and they are responsible for embedding safeguarding in their local operation.

Scope of work

To design a one-day safeguarding investigations training in a location in Nairobi, targeted at training HR focal point persons internally, to meet the following aims and objectives:

Learners will develop skills in:

  • conducting investigations, including interviewing of complainant, survivors and witnesses
  • supporting survivors and providing feedback to complaints
  • collecting, examining and selecting documentary evidence
  • writing an investigation report and making recommendations
  • closing an investigation

To ensure that the training:

  • balances information to increase understanding and practical skills development.
  • is contextualized for the regions where the learners are working, taking account of local safeguarding risks.
  • includes relevant case studies and simulation exercises of the interviewing stages of an investigation.
  • meets the needs of learners with different learning styles and experience of investigations, allows for a mix of social groupings including individual, pair work, small groups and plenary sessions to encourage active participation and learning

Other requirements include:

  • Sharing the training material, including all presentations and handouts, with the Global HR Manager.
  • To deliver the training in week 7- 14 November 2022.
  • Interested candidates are based in Nairobi, Kenya

Application process

You are invited to submit an Expression of Interest for conducting this assignment to with the subject line: Safeguarding Investigations Training Nairobi.

The Expression of Interest should include:

  • Cover letter outlining how your experience and competencies meet the essential criteria.
  • CV outlining relevant experience.
  • Your expected rate (only covering preparation and performing the training, no additional costs will be reimbursed)
  • Three referees including the current or most recent employer.

Deadline: 9 October 2022. The submitted documents might be reviewed sooner than the closing date and the shortlisted candidates could be contacted immediately.