This program has ended


To propel social change by engaging companies to create an open and accepting workplace where LGBTI+ persons feel valued, respected and can contribute as equally as other employees.




Worldwide, prejudice based on gender, ethnicity, disability and sexual orientation has existed at the workplace for decades. Although in recent years these negative attitudes have declined, many barriers and acts of discrimination abound. While the right to decent and sustainable livelihoods for all is well articulated in policy and legislative frameworks, and many companies do have equal employment opportunity (EEO) policies in place, in practice these groups still face difficulties in getting and keeping jobs.


The Colourful Workplaces Program was informed by a study in 2015 conducted by Hivos East Africa, Sullivan Marketing and Workplace Pride Foundation among ten multinationals in Kenya. The Program works together with the private sector to develop and implement policies and practices that support inclusivity and embrace diversity.

Period and budget

2016-2017, € 54,000


Sullivan Marketing and Workplace Pride