Hivos announces second Colourful Workplaces Conference

January 15, 2020

Hivos is pleased to announce the second Colourful Workplaces Conference on 29 and 30 April 2020 in Nairobi, Kenya. The Colourful Workplaces Conference is Africa’s leading conference on diversity and inclusion and takes place biennially.

The conference brings together thought leaders and key decision makers to share ideas and inspire inclusive African societies. Their main task is to craft strategies to foster the inclusion of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex (LGBTI) persons at the workplace. Keynote speakers include frontrunners and industry captains from the private sector, civil society, diplomatic missions and government.

The Colourful Workplaces Conference is the first initiative in Africa of its kind. A forum where the corporate sector, development partners, government agencies and civil society organizations collaborate to chart a course toward inclusive workplaces and societies particularly for LGBTI persons.

Hivos announces Colourful Workplaces 2020

Globally and regionally, ever more companies are embracing diversity and inclusion. Studies have shown that diverse teams contribute at a higher level, are more creative and innovative, and make better decisions than their counterparts. Inclusive workplaces also reduce staff turnover and increase employee loyalty. While strides are being made by new policies in place, there remains much work to be done. Especially to include women, differently abled persons, and LGBTI persons. Sexual minorities in particular face insurmountable challenges in accessing and keeping jobs because of social stigma, legal barriers, and often job dismissals when they are their true selves at work.

It is within this context that Hivos established the Colourful Workplaces Programme. It seeks to propel social change by engaging companies to create an open and accepting workplaces where everyone feels valued, respected and can contribute as equally as other employees.


We currently have a limited number of places available. Kindly register here to be considered if you are interested in attending the conference. Feel free to contact our Project Coordinator, Andrew Maina for further information: or +254 725 451 729