West Manggarai

West Manggarai, in the Indonesian province of East Nusa Tenggara, has a population of over 264,000. Seventeen percent live below the poverty line and a third is between 15 and 34. Although it has been slated for tourism development, dependency on outside food supplies makes this a challenge. So local food production, food diversity and security, and waste management are key issues to resolve in order to realize this ambition.

Therefore, local authorities strongly support Urban Futures’ focus on strengthening the local food system and supply chains, while increasing the role of young people (and other excluded groups) in policy making and implementation. The program is aligned to the National Action Plan of Food and Nutrition for 2021-2024 and the local government’s plan to form millennial farmer groups (Kelompok Tani).

Urban Futures consortium partner Yayasan Humanis dan Inovasi Sosial already works with several potential implementing partners in West Manggarai under its Voices for Climate Action program, and will collaborate with RUAF and Rikolto, while further strengthening its network of local youth groups and stakeholders.