MANPANOR (Municipal Association of the Northern Pacific Coast) is located in Ecuador’s Manabí province. It consists of four municipalities with a total population of around 200,000, of which 60 percent are under 30. The Association was established to strengthen governance and citizen participation in development issues. Its municipalities face the same challenges, amongst which youth migration, as other comparable cities, so our work will serve as an example for replication.

Manabí’s main economic sectors are agriculture, aquaculture, and tourism. Its gastronomy has been declared an intangible heritage of Ecuador. So food tourism and regenerative agriculture have the potential to propel social, economic, cultural and ecological transformation in the coastal area.

Urban Futures is supporting existing efforts to transition towards a more inclusive, sustainable, healthy, and innovative food system. Building on previous and ongoing projects, we are working closely with the Fuegos Foundation. Fuegos specializes in regenerative food gastronomy and has helped develop multi-stakeholder collaborations and food guidelines. Other local partners are involved in agroecology and education, sustainable tourism, and training young leaders.