Bandung is the capital city of Indonesia’s West Java Province. Out of its population of almost 2.5M people, about one third is between 15 and 34. Bandung has 30 districts and 151 sub-districts, and Urban Futures works at both levels.

The city depends heavily on food imports that are largely unregulated. Bandung also needs to upgrade its local markets in terms of cold storage and food waste management. So Urban Futures is focusing on improving local food chains, food related information and multi-actor governance. A key asset is the support and commitment from local authorities to work together on these areas, as well as on urban farming initiatives. In addition, Bandung has a dynamic youth community that has contributed to the growth of alternative and local food initiatives.

Urban Futures consortium partner Yayasan Humanis dan Inovasi Sosial and RUAF partner Rikolto have been working in Bandung for several years. Urban Futures can therefore align to past and ongoing initiatives like MUFPP, SD4ALL, Local Harvest, VOICE, CREATE, and others. Urban Futures can also rely on the strong networks of local youth groups and stakeholders among urban farming, gastronomy, gardening, and environmental groups and organizations.