This program has ended

The BOOST program is continued as GreenWorks.


To enable grassroots social entrepreneurs to create the positive change they envision for their communities. This year’s edition aims at BOOSTing inclusive employment in North Africa.


Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia


High unemployment, reduced freedom of expression and lack of financing opportunities for small and medium enterprises prevent young people – particularly women and marginalized groups in remote areas – from developing their full potential.


BOOST (Boosting Bottom-Up Societal Transformation) works through local partner organizations and collaborative spaces communities, mainly in medium-sized towns in North Africa. It identifies and supports young local social entrepreneurs who are creating employment for other young people, in particular women. Our local partners offer technical assistance along with funding from Hivos to either start or scale these enterprises. BOOST’s main activities:

1. a digital media campaign to solve challenges women entrepreneurs in the regions face

2. a support program for co-working & collaborative spaces to help them become Business Development Support Organizations (BDSOs)

3. an accelerator program trajectory for start-ups and SMEs with high potential for job creation in Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya.

4. a capacity building and knowledge enhancement program for angel investors in North Africa

Results so far

BOOST is a continuation of previous programs Hivos has been implementing in North Africa over the past five years: Mideast Creatives from 2014 to 2016, and Co-Working for Sustainable Employment from 2016 to 2018. This collective endeavor has successfully supported more than 25 collaborative spaces in Algeria, Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia, and has helped to create more than 200 new businesses, scale more than 100 others and create more than 3,000 new job opportunities.

Period and budget

2019, €2 million


Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (donor) under its LEAD funding (2019 extension).