We are hivos

people unlimited

We seek new and creative solutions to persistent global problems; solutions created by people taking their lives into their own hands.

We believe that human life in its many forms is valuable, and that people are filled with potential. Living a life in freedom and dignity, with respect for each other and the planet, leads to greater individual well-being and fair, vibrant societies.

We enable frontrunners

to inspire others


Women's empowerment

ensures that women and girls have control over their lives and are able to participate actively in social, political and economic domains. It is about realising true equality for men and women.

We take 



Step two

We organize multi-actor platforms, ‘coalitions of the willing’ that are able to transform ideas into solutions and help them grow and spread. We finance programs, ensure good monitoring and evaluations, and incorporate lessons learned into future programming.

We influence policies 

and scale solutions


Step three

We bring solutions to scale by influencing policies at all levels of government and by triggering media interest in alternative solutions to persistent problems. We also scale out successful solutions to other countries and regions.

Change startes with

inspiring people

Change startes with

inspiring people

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Our mission is to innovate for social change. With smart projects in the right places, we work towards more open and green societies.