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  • A case study of SAYWHAT’s youth-led approach to ASRHR

    Young people at the advocacy frontline

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  • Taking stock: Uganda Food Change Lab

    The Uganda Food Change Lab advocates for a more conducive policy environment to achieve both sustainable diets and a productive, sustainable local food system. This publication documents the Lab’s journey, highlighting concrete interventions, lessons learned and the way forward.

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  • Case Study: Youth-led social accountability in ASRHR

    This Youth-led Social Accountability in ASRHR case study showcases AAAZ’s approaches and strategies in promoting meaningful youth participation in social accountability.

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  • Case Study: Strategic litigation for adolescent SRHR

    The Southern Africa Litigation Centre (SALC) utilizes the Strategic Litigation approach to promote and advance human rights and the rule of law in Southern Africa. With Support from Hivos, through the Regional Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), SALC implemented a ‘Strategic litigation for social change for adolescent SRHR’ project.

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  • Open Data Capacity Development Strategy for CSOs and MDAs

    This strategy is intended for developing Open Data Capacity (ODC) of selected Malawi Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) on the data supply side and selected Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) on the demand side in the open data generation, packaging, access and use.

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  • Data Informing Government’s Decisions on Covid-19 Response in Malawi

    This report, produced for the PROTECT program in Malawi, provides a picture of available data informing government’s decisions on the Covid-19 preparedness and response. 

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  • Indepth Analysis of Covid 19 Data in Malawi

    Hivos commissioned a study which sought to conduct an in-depth analysis of Covid-19 data in Malawi, which should provide disaggregated data as evidence base for response planning to Covid-19 by policy makers and other development partners.

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  • An Assessment of Citizen’s Access to Covid-19 Data in Malawi

    Hivos, under the PROTECT Program, commissioned a study with the broad objective of unearthing the barriers and enablers to accessing the Covid-19 Government Open Access data. 

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  • Promoting Inclusive SRHR

    It is this case study’s contention that SRHR of refugees are not prioritized for adequate integration in humanitarian planning and work. Because of this general failure to appropriately recog- nize refugees’ SRHR (SRHR), the existing challenges in broader society’s SRHR are exacerbated among vulnerable groups.

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  • Excelling in Tandem: Past, Present, Future

    New Ways of Working for Creatives in the COVID-19 Context.
    A Research for Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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