Annual Report 2022

The year 2022 was tumultuous, marked by the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, and soaring prices of essential goods. Governments worldwide faced criticism for their inadequate responses, leading to global protests. Many governments responded with crackdowns on activists and journalists, and anti-rights agendas gained traction.

However, 2022 also saw positive developments. Hivos and its partners achieved successes in areas of gender equality and diversity, climate justice, and civic rights.

Hivos continued its mission of empowering marginalized communities. Consistent with this philosophy, we took further steps in 2022 to shift decision-making and control of resources from Hivos to our Global South partners

We want to express gratitude to our partners and also praise the resilience of our staff and partners amidst the challenges of 2022. We remain committed to supporting global movements for inclusion and justice.

The annual accounts are also included in this report.

We wish you an informative and engaging read.

Hivos Annual Report 2022

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