Jakarta is the fastest sinking city in the world. The threat to Indonesia’s capital is emblematic of the fears of a country with almost a hundred thousand kilometers of coastline in times of climate change. Sea levels rise and extreme floods occur, but some people are hit harder than others. Fisherfolk that lose their boats for example, or farmers whose soil and crops are washed away.

Hivos and the rest of the Voices for Just Climate Action network work towards getting the stories of these injustices out there. By supporting the unionization of fish communities, for example. But also through the mapping of slum areas prone to flooding and documenting the struggles of smallholder coffee growers in a changing climate. These local voices need to be front and center in debates about the climate crisis.

“The technical solutions for fighting climate change
are there. The problem is a lack of political
will to implement them.”

Arti Indallah Tjakranegara is program manager at Yayasan Humanis dan Inovasi Sosial.