This program has ended


To scale up household methodologies for empowering (young) rural women and youth in order to create a favorable environment for them, increase employment and income, and make rural societies more inclusive.




Gender equity can be best achieved if both men and women are trained and mentored to self-evaluate and together plan to take actions that reduce the glaring disparities between genders in the household and the community at large. The elimination of current gender inequalities will contribute to greater opportunities and a better position for women in their homes and local communities.


The GALS project facilitates cross learning between different parts of East and West Africa so as to scale up its methodology from pilot status to full implementation by governments. This methodology has been successfully piloted in several areas across East Africa by Hivos and other organizations and seeks to connect the various players, such as farmer communities, and organizations. The project seeks to professionalize and standardize the approaches of different users of this methodology.

Period and budget

2018-2020, €740,000


Oxfam. Supported by International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)