This program has ended


To promote inclusion of LGBTI+ people in society and the recognition of their rights, by opposing discrimination and stereotyping, while also making LGBTI+ communities more resilient.




LGBTI+ people still face discrimination and exclusion by wider society. Religious, community and political leaders play a key role in shaping a negative public opinion. They use anti-LGBTI+ rhetoric that reinforces stigma and, to some extent, instigates violence against LGBTI+ persons. Their views are echoed by the media in a sensationalist way. LGBTI+ communities suffer from this exclusion and fear for their safety.


Strong in Diversity focuses on engaging those who oppose LGBTI+ rights in dialogue and building alliances with them, as well as strengthening the resilience of LGBTI+ communities. Together with local organizations and supportive mentors, the program aims to achieve wider social acceptance of LGBTI+ people by constructively changing the tone and content of public discussions regarding Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE).

Results so far

The program started in January 2018 and will post initial results at the end of the year.

Period and budget

2018-2020, € 1.9 million


Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (donor), Positive Vibes, PEMA, Nyarwek