This program has ended

In Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya, we have implemented three successful coffee programs: Coffee Partnership Tanzania (2013 – 2016), 4S@Scale in Kenya and Uganda (2014 – 2019), and the Gender and Generational Program in Tanzania (2016 – 2019).

These programs espoused unique approaches, such as local ownership, multi-actor public private partnerships, climate justice, gender equality, and equity in coffee ecosystems. When Hivos and partners arrived on the scene, the sector had an underbelly of gender and inter-generational inequalities making coffee a largely male-dominated crop, shutting out women and the youth. Continue reading…


This program aims to promote the inclusion of women and youth in coffee production to increase productivity, quality and farmer incomes.

Why women and youth are good for Tanzania’s coffee sector

Tanzania produces about 800,000 bags of coffee a year. And some 955 come from smallholder farmers mainly in the Arusha and Kilimanjaro regions. However, the region faces several challenges in providing a secure livelihood for smallholder coffee farmers: low productivity, deterioration of coffee quality due to lack of facilities, and a volatile market dominated by brokerage.Women and youth with potential to influence the sector have often been left out of the value chain and therefore miss business opportunities and the ability to bring change.

How the program uses a special learning system

The program uses gender action learning systems (GALS) tools that promote gender and generational equality and women’s empowerment through training aimed at improving agricultural and coffee processing practices.






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