Here is a recap of our journey so far:

  • 2022: Moving Forward #BuildingTheBlueprint. We aimed to brainstorm on the future of African Crossroads vision 2025, which is to create a network of hubs across Africa that foster collaboration, innovation, and impact. We shared our ideas and feedback on how to make this vision a reality, using online platforms and physical spaces. We also learned from successful examples of hub models, such as Impact Hub, Afrotopia, and Barefeet Theatre.
  • 2021: Ecoexistence. We focused on climate justice and how to coexist with nature and each other in a world facing environmental crises. We listened to voices of change from townships, villages, universities, creative hubs, and even the natural elements. We named Air as our guest of honor and drew on the sounds of nature in the open-source archive Sound Atlas. We also played the culturally immersive game Lotus of the Nile, which challenged us to balance ecological and social needs in ancient Egypt.
    African Crossroads 2021 Edition
  • 2020: Re-imagining the Pan-African Dream. We reflected on the past, present, and future of pan-Africanism, a movement that has inspired generations of Africans to unite and liberate themselves from colonialism and oppression. We revisited the history and legacy of pan-African leaders, such as Kwame Nkrumah, Patrice Lumumba, and Thomas Sankara, and debated how to renew their vision for the 21st century. We also celebrated the richness and diversity of African cultures through music, poetry, and art.
    African Crossroads 2020 Edition
  • 2019: Sense the City. We explored how to positively shape the future of African cities, which are growing rapidly and facing complex issues. We engaged with urban planners, architects, artists, and activists who shared their insights and experiences on topics such as mobility, waste management, public space, and social inclusion. We also visited different sites in Mombasa, Kenya, where we witnessed the diversity and creativity of urban life.
    African Crossroads 2019 Edition
  • 2018: The Fourth Industrial Revolution. We discussed how to harness the power of technology and innovation to transform Africa’s economy, society, and culture. We learned from inspiring speakers, such as Juliana Rotich senior policy manager at the World Wide Web Foundation. We also participated in workshops, hackathons, and exhibitions that showcased African solutions for African challenges.
    African Crossroads 2018 Edition