Building the Blueprint (2022)

The 2022 edition helped us map out the pathway towards a more connected and advocacy-oriented community. It also helped us identify the needs of our African creatives & innovators and how to align them with our plans for 2022-2025.

Eco-Existence (2021)

Participants emerged with an actionable manifesto that aims to shape the trajectory of Climate Justice on the African continent.

African Crossroads 2021 edition

Re-imagining the pan-African dream (2020)

Members of this network experienced what it feels like to be borderless, to come together from across Africa and diaspora, and to reimagine what it feels like to be united.

African Crossroads 2020 edition

Sense the city (2019)

African Crossroads members gathered in Mombasa, Kenya, to connect, collaborate, and explore the diversity of African cities in all their multi-sensory aspects. We explored how African cities of today and tomorrow sound, taste, feel or move, and how these cities sense us in return.

African Crossroads 2019 edition

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (2018)

Standing at the crossroads of space and time, 100 participants gathered the inaugural African Crossroads convening for three days in Marrakesh, Morocco to connect, collaborate, and explore their own roles in shaping Africa’s ongoing technological and intellectual revolution, and to build new roads and centers of knowledge, art, entrepreneurship, and innovation across the African continent.

African Crossroads 2018 edition