Pan-African Roaming Academy Fellowships

We are excited to be launching a new instalment to African Crossroads – the Pan-African Roaming Academy (PARA) Fellowship – which is designed to cultivate African academic intellectual thought through analytical research, contribute to a nuanced understanding of the continent, and influence how people perceive contemporary African realities.

African Crossroads has played a crucial role in furthering the ideology of Pan-Africanism through a platform that disseminates knowledge and ideas and facilitates the growth and development of African-oriented content. A new research agenda is providing a fresh approach to challenge existing theories drawing from a range of sources both on and beyond the continent.

Our offer

Mentorship: Fellows will receive mentorship from experts in the field as well as opportunities to collaborate with other fellows and organizations working towards similar goals. Upon completion of the fellowship program, the fellows will be part of an alumni network, for further collaboration, sharing opportunities, and peer to peer support.

Financial support: Fellows will receive a stipend of 4,000 euros to help cover the needs of their projects throughout the duration of the fellowship program. The fellowship will provide support for the following: accommodation, travel expenses and other costs.


  1. Empowered and amplified African voices with transforming narratives that contribute to positive changes and a distinctive understanding of the continent.
  2. Diversified alumni network that exhibits solidarity and fosters cross-cultural exchange.