Hivos’ response to renewed hostilities between Israel and Gaza

October 12, 2023

Hivos expresses grave alarm over the escalating civilian death tolls in Gaza, Israel and the occupied West Bank. We call on all parties to immediately cease their appalling military offensives against civilians and abide by international humanitarian law.

We ask the Israeli government to reverse its decision to deny Gazans food, water, electricity and humanitarian aid. This brutal collective punishment of civilians trapped in Gaza who bear no responsibility for the violence is not only illegal; it will also greatly intensify needless suffering and death.

We call on the International Community to act urgently to open humanitarian corridors, secure a ceasefire, and support a return to meaningful peace negotiations. Talks must address the root causes of the conflict and put an end to the de facto system of apartheid that Israel has imposed on the illegally-occupied Palestinian territories, including the debilitating 16-year blockade of Gaza.

Fighting violence with more violence is never a route to peace. A lasting solution must be found to uphold the rights and aspirations of both Palestinians and Israelis to live in freedom, safety, and dignity.