Support the fight of local climate activists

Increasingly, climate-related disasters – floods, droughts, heatwaves and wildfires – are devastating vast areas and killing or displacing millions of people.

The climate crisis is impacting people’s lives everywhere. But for some groups the consequences are far more drastic. Think of Indigenous communities that have to make way for large-scale energy projects. Farmers who see their crops fail again and again. Or women who have to walk further and further in extreme heat for clean drinking water.

It’s unfair and unacceptable that so many people are suffering from a crisis they didn’t cause. They’re not even being involved in making climate-related policies. That’s why we support women, Indigenous communities, and young people who want to take the lead and work for change. They’re heading pressure groups and organizing action to raise awareness and funds for locally-designed climate solutions. Because they know these are the solutions needed to tackle the crisis where it hurts most.

How we provide support

Hivos supports activists, women’s movements, young people, and local initiatives working towards a just and livable world.

  • We bring them together to share knowledge and join forces. This is how we build a strong global network.
  • We ensure that they are visible, for example by having them speak at important climate meetings.
  • We train them in lobbying and campaigning so that they can put pressure on politicians, policy makers and other decision makers.
  • We finance local solutions to combat the impacts of the climate crisis.

What we’ve achieved

  • In Nepal, Senegal, Tanzania, Kenya and Nigeria, we work with innovative women entrepreneurs. They had recently started their own sustainable businesses when the Corona pandemic broke out. Thanks to our individual donors, we helped 1300 women entrepreneurs get through the crisis and emerge even stronger. Now they can continue fighting against both inequality and climate change.
  • Since 2017, Indigenous leader Alexandra Narvaez has been fighting to protect the Ecuadorian Amazon. With support from our All Eyes on the Amazon program, she and her community got a provincial court to annul 52 mining licenses granted by the government, thus saving 79,000 hectares of pristine rainforest.
  • In the past 10 years, our work in Cuba focused on organic farming, circular economy practices and access to healthy food. Our efforts paid off. Together with our partners we positively impacted the lives of over 600,000 people in 22 municipalities.
  • In Indonesia, we’re supporting those most at risk of being impacted by the effects of the climate crisis to raise their voice and influence debate. For example, in North Jakarta, where – together with women – we kickstarted flood prevention efforts by mapping out the parts of slums most vulnerable to rising sea levels.

Your support for our climate justice work will be a shot in the arm for local climate initiatives around the world!