Show your support with Pride

In more and more countries, June means Pride month. While Pride is a celebration of hard-won rights in some cities and countries, it’s likewise an expression of the struggles faced by LGBTIQ+ people in many other parts of the world.

Many of them face escalating violence and discrimination. Strict anti-gay laws lead to arbitrary arrests with the prospect of long prison sentences or even the death penalty in some countries. LGBTIQ+ people are confronted with mob justice and their homes and offices are invaded. They are denied health care, education and economic opportunities.

Emergency fund for LGBTIQ+ activists

In the fight to protect their communities, courageous activists are risking their own safety and livelihoods. With our emergency fund for LGBTIQ+ activists, we take immediate action in life-threatening situations. We provide shelter, safety and psychosocial support. This immediate support can make the difference between life and death.

Direct support

Nancy and Joseph from East Africa are two of the activists who have received support from our emergency fund. Nancy’s office space was raided and she ended up in jail. She was evicted from her home and had to go into hiding. With our emergency fund, we provided therapy and a new safe home.

Joseph, who leads an LGBTIQ+ organization, also faced a robbery. He and his team members were beaten up and their homes and office were looted. We provided not only a new workplace with secure equipment, but also housing and therapy. Moreover, we initiated a conversation between Joseph’s organization and local administrators. Joseph: “Thanks to this conversation and their protection, our security has increased.”

Donate now

Especially now, the work of courageous LGBTIQ+ activists is important.
Your donation provides immediate support in life-threatening situations. Last year we already helped 41 activists. Will you also help protect them?