Restless Development

Restless Development is a women-led and feminist centered non-profit global agency with 35 years of experience supporting the collective power of young leaders to create a better world, from the grassroots to the high-policy level. Restless Development brings expertise on youth-led research and advocacy and inclusive co-creation, as well as an extensive network of 2,000+ women and girls-focused youth civil society organizations as part of the Youth Collective.


Equipop is a feminist international organization working to improve the rights and health of women and girls worldwide, focusing particularly on their sexual and reproductive rights and health. Equipop champions feminist values and places the gender approach at the heart of its work. Equipop is an evolving organization with some forty staff across its offices in Dakar, Ouagadougou, and Paris. It supports and works with over one hundred partner organizations and feminist activists in 12 countries.

Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy (CFFP)

The Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy’s (CFFP) is a key resource center and strong advocate for the development, adaptation, and implementation of FFPs, with a successful track record in building political momentum and convincing governments to adopt FFPs. The CFFP has a strong European and international network, with a clear focus on intersectional feminism that includes bridging feminist, anti-racist, decolonial and LGBTQIA networks and organizations. The CFFP’s mission is to eradicate global inequalities in the most effective way possible, by seeing a feminist approach applied to all foreign, security, and international assistance policy worldwide. The work of the CFFP is focused across 6 programmatic areas: FFP, Feminist Peace and Security, Anti-Racism, Climate Justice, Human Rights and Feminist International Cooperation.


Hivos is an international development organization guided by humanist values. Together with citizens and their organizations, it aims to contribute towards just, inclusive and life sustaining societies where people have equal access to opportunities, rights and resources. It works in partnership with others in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America on three impact areas: Civic Rights in a Digital Age; Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion; and Climate Justice.