Integrating women and youth in the coffee value chain

Coffee Toolkit 2015 (PDF file) was developed by SCP, Agri-ProFocus, Fair & Sustainable Advisory Services, IDH and Hivos for the coffee industry, in response to the demand for knowledge on how to best integrate women and youth in the coffee value chain and provides practical approaches and tools for stakeholders and service providers.

The contents of the toolkit should serve to motivate and assist coffee roasters, traders and their practitioners to apply an inclusive approach to developing better functioning coffee chains, benefitting both men and women of different age groups equally.

The interventions recommended may also trigger increased production, improved quality and ensure a steady supply of sustainable coffee now and in the future. For this purpose, the toolkit provides practical approaches and tools, which can be applied in the daily work of farmers, producer organizations, traders and roasters, extension and financial services, standard certification bodies and networks.

For each group the toolkit provides a range of customized tools for planning, implementation or monitoring and evaluation of interventions. The reader can differentiate between tools specifically designed for women, young men and women, or both groups. Most of the tools do require experienced trainers for implementation. Coaches and trainers with specific tool experience are available in different countries to assist.