This program has ended


To improve lives in Kenya by supporting design thinkers and frugal innovators to propel climate change adaptation- mostly in the areas of sustainable food and renewable energy.




Social innovation -an approach toward solving contemporary societal challenges- is the key to empowering citizens to create prosperous and thriving societies. Beyond scientific solutions, societies are now embracing new ways of thinking to boost sustainable economic growth, enhance freedom and bolster respect for human dignity.


By creating space for and empowering creative minds and frontrunner movements in the areas of sustainable food and clean energy, the program will make creative contributions to efforts aimed at promoting clean energy decentralization, sustainable food, clean water supply, and environmentally-friendly agriculture. Furthermore, it will drive creatives and innovators to find holistic solutions that cover several problems simultaneously and contribute to the UN SDG 13 on Climate Action.

Period and budget

12 months, $75,000


What Design Can Do