Hivos’ 16-year participation in STOP AIDS NOW!

July 18, 2018

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

How often do five of the top development organizations in the Netherlands put competing interests aside to jointly tackle one of the world’s largest epidemics? The answer is, not often, especially not for an unprecedented 16 years as was the case with STOP AIDS NOW!

In late 2000, Hivos joined Aidsfonds, Cordaid, ICCO and Oxfam Novib to address the HIV and AIDS epidemic worldwide. We were able to apply our respective areas of expertise more effectively under one funding mechanism: STOP AIDS NOW!. Its mission was to help end HIV and AIDS and make sure those infected had access to prevention, treatment and care.

Collectively, we reached approximately 400,000 people affected by HIV every year between 2001 and 2016.

Hivos’ added value

Hivos’ added value to the partnership, our local partners and individual beneficiaries has always been our human rights-based approach. We believe governments must guarantee the rights to freedom of expression, healthcare, and freedom from discrimination and violence of citizens with or vulnerable to HIV. Today, approaching HIV and AIDS from a human rights perspective has become the norm for most global institutions.

From within STOP AIDS NOW!, we raised awareness about the complex challenges HIV poses for sustainable development. We supported and empowered people living with HIV and AIDS to realize positive change for themselves, their communities and countries. Our advocacy for reforms battled barriers that still prevent people from accessing the care, treatment and medicines they need, such as the criminalization of sexual diversity, sex work and drug use in many countries.

Opening march at the 2016 Aids Conference in Durban. Photo: Tomas Chang Pico

Far-reaching impact on people living with HIV and AIDS

As a member of STOP AIDS NOW!, Hivos spent 9.26 million euros over 16 years to support 138 projects in 40 countries.

The positive effects of this can be seen at many levels: one more girl deciding to stay in school; tribal chiefs leading communities to get tested for HIV, and governments passing laws that recognize the human rights of people living with HIV. We are honored to have been a part of this remarkable journey with STOP AIDS NOW! and have therefore prepared a report reflecting on the initiative’s projects, good practices and lessons learned.

International AIDS Conference

Unfortunately, HIV and AIDS remain a pressing global problem. If we wish to eradicate the virus by 2030, concerted efforts must continue. This is why Hivos is participating in the 22nd International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam from 23 to 27 July 2018, where we’ll explore the way forward. If you’re not attending the conference, you can meet Hivos in the NGO and marketplace booths at the Global Village.