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Latin America is suffering from an epidemic. It seems very contagious, but it does not affect the entire population equally. Neither water nor air borne - it is basically unpredictable. We are talking about violence against women, a widespread problem that is not new, but only very recently becoming visible.

Right before dawn on April 26, Hivos General Director Edwin Huizing put on a pair of colorful glasses and gazed at dozens of people who waited silently in their seats. His intention was to lead them in symbolic time travel to the year 2020. “I have the privilege to take you to the year 2020,” he said with a smile and added, “Who can predict what the world will look like then? We will not get into speculation, but will focus on our strategy...” With these words, Huizing set out Hivos’ vision of the coming years at our event, The future is calling us from Latin America.