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Our work is based on the conviction that Voice, Choice & Justice must be at the core of the international response to the HIV epidemic. To achieve this, we follow a three step approach.

1. Building political power and influence

Hivos supports and accompanies rightsholders to ensure they wield the sustained political power and influence needed to challenge systems and practices that fuel discrimination and exclusion.

Through financing and technical capacity, our interventions have enabled these communities to claim their rights and participate meaningfully at all stages and levels of policymaking. We design, implement and evaluate our programs jointly with rightsholders and local organizations. We facilitate direct engagement of local partners with decision-makers. And when advocating at international forums, our messaging is “joined up.”

2. New narratives to inspire action

We aim to build political and public support for new narratives that foster transformative dialogue and disrupt dominant views and patterns of inequality. We invest in rightsholders’ capacity and communication resources to induce shifts in public discourse.

In Latin America, for example, Hivos and its partners are implementing the Libre de Ser program. It trains LGBTIQ+ people and organizations to communicate their own stories — their life experiences — and the consequences of discrimination and violence. In this program, rightsholders work with journalists and artists to question hate speech and empower affected communities to use the most powerful tool they possess: their voice. The resulting “Free to Communicate’’ manual champions community journalism that is respectful of LGBTIQ+ populations.

3. Collaborating for impact

Hivos works in partnerships to build (intersectional) connections where communities of people living with HIV, or most affected by or at risk of HIV, collaborate with their allies to develop and scale context-specific solutions.

By fostering this kind of mobilization, we envision rightsholders using these connections to jointly work with duty bearers across sectors to identify and respond strategically to priority issues. This way of working also enables donors to collectively apply their investments and resources to reach those furthest left behind.

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This white paper outlines the ambition, approach and Theory of Change of one of Hivos’ three impact areas: Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

Hivos’ vision is that of a more just, fair, dignified, and prosperous society, where all people have equal rights, responsibilities, and opportunities. A world where gender equality, inclusive economies, and governance practices become the principle for organizing and building just societies.

To achieve this vision, our overall goal is to build the political power and influence of rightsholder movements led by women, youth, and LGBTIQ+ people and ensure they have the capacity and resources to achieve transformative social change.

In particular, the GEDI impact area aims to realize rightsholders’ sexual and reproductive health and rights, bodily autonomy, and participation in political and economic development.


Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - white paper