Voices Magazine: Climate justice in Brazil

March 18, 2024

Voices for Just Climate Action (VCA) is a network of five international organizations, including Hivos, that works to achieve climate justice on three continents. That climate justice can take many forms is clear from the new Voices Magazine that showcases the work of VCA in Brazil.

Our Brazilian network counts 74 local organizations that together have an estimated almost 25 thousand direct beneficiaries. Twenty of our partner organizations are Indigenous organizations, something we are very proud of. The rich heritage of Indigenous cultures and knowledge intimately intertwines their communities with the environment and should be embraced by climate policy makers.

Voices Brazil

When reading the Voices Magazine, you’ll notice the sheer scope of VCA partner organizations. They do everything from training Amazonians to map local climate policy and environmental damage using open data and technology, to showing young people how art can be used powerfully in climate activism. It makes for a thankfully hopeful reading experience. You’ll see that no matter where the political pendulum swings, activists on ground keep working toward climate justice. And they find endless ways in which to do so.

Find the magazine here