Together for gender justice at Women Deliver in Kigali

July 10, 2023

The Women Deliver Conference (July 17 to 20) is a key opportunity for government leaders, scientists and activists to strategize for gender equality. This year’s conference takes place in Rwanda, and Hivos will be there to showcase our work, connect with government and community leaders, and collectively strategize. Please come find us at our booth or our sessions throughout the week.

Hivos Safe(r) Space Booth

You can visit the Hivos Safe(r) Space Booth to connect with our colleagues, learn about our work, and get free stickers. It’s also a meeting spot and safe space for young activists attending the conference. Here you can watch the documentary Behind the Numbers that follows an intersex person from Zimbabwe, a lesbian couple from Bangkok and a trans person from the Netherlands.

Location: MUHAZI 5 (M5) open from Monday 17 July to Thursday 20 July.

Intersectionality in practice: building a global SRHR movement serving young women in all their diversity

In this interactive session, four young women will share their experiences in building national movements for SRHR. Participants will explore building cross-movement action through open dialogue and an interactive game. They’ll also learn about effective techniques, problems encountered, and lessons learned in creating national movements for SRHR. This session is organized with Restless Development and Marsa Sexual Health Center as part of Hivos’ We Lead program.

Time & location: 12:00 – 1:30 pm on July 16 at the Nest Hub in the Norrsken Foundation Kigali House’s Town Hall space

Please RSVP here

Feminist breakfast: strengthening feminist movements in response to the anti-rights/anti-gender agenda

With a roundtable format, this side event invites Women Deliver stakeholders to highlight local solutions for advancing gender equality, diversity and inclusion. Looking at the rising backlash from anti-gender/anti-rights movements, we will identify and share successful feminist actions, alliances and strategies that have fought to reclaim feminist spaces and reset the agenda.

Time & location: from 7:00 am to 8:30 am on Thursday July 20 in the KICC ROOM 10.1