Strengthening collaboration and support networks with the Bolivian Plurinational Government

April 22, 2020

Today, as part of our support and solidarity efforts to face the COVID-19 pandemic, Hivos in Bolivia delivered biosafety materials, equipment, and laboratory supplies for the diagnosis of COVID-19 to the Bolivian Plurinational Government to contribute in government actions in health care and response to this emergency.

Additionally, a communication package focused on providing general information and awareness raising on COVID-19 aimed at Bolivian citizens was delivered. The donation is valued at 300,951 USD.

Hivos representives providing the donation to the Bolivian Plurinational Government. Photo: Ministerio de Comunicación de Bolivia

The award ceremony was held at the Foreign Ministry in the city of La Paz, Bolivia, with the participation of the Minister of Foreign Relations, Karen Longaric, the Minister of Health, Dr. Marcelo Navajas, the staff of the Foreign Ministry, and the Bolivian media. Dr. Claudia Cardozo, country representative of Hivos in Bolivia, reported that the donation’s resources come from a budgetary reallocation of the Global Fund / HIV AIDS Component project, which is currently being implemented in the country, and of which, Hivos is the main recipient. The authorities appreciated the support provided and recognized the importance of this donation for the Bolivian people.

Claudia Cardozo stated, “The collaboration established with the Ministry of Health has been close and agile, and resulted in a quick response. We have not only been involved in the topic of HIV, but have also supported the response to COVID-19, especially knowing that we have a weakened health system left by the previous government. For the Hivos team, it has been gratifying to contribute to the effective response to COVID-19, to put in our effort and dedication to achieve this contribution to the government”.