The Umuntu Sessions

"T.Shoc and Zyon Black put together a cut inspired by the everyday struggle of Zimbabwean and African youth today, addressing some important social issues while facing off with personal demons".

An alternative narrative

Umuntu, a Hivos partner, is a digital production company focusing on video production and augmented/virtual reality experiences. Umuntu’s in-house projects include Umuntu Sessions, a popular video series that works with local artists who develop fresh content, particularly content that brings social issues to the fore. With their projects, Umuntu seeks to provide an alternative African narrative using music to criticize “our past, present and future.” 

The video below was directed by Joe Njagu, a filmmaker from Zimbabwe. 

Igniting Debate 

R.O.O.M (Resource of Open Minds) is a new Hivos program that supports the creative work and projects of artists, musicians and media producers around the world. We believe in the power of digital technologies to question dominant structures in society while appealing to a broad audience. Working at the intersection of art, media, design and technology, R.O.O.M is the place for a new generation of creative futurists: young with a critical mind-set and a do-it-yourself attitude. Their aim? To strive for openness and imagine new realities around the world.