Stakeholder Feedback Round for Clean Cookstoves Carbon Programme Central America (4C-Carbon)

September 9, 2015

Hivos is designing a carbon finance mechanism to make clean cookstoves affordable and available to low income households across Central America. The Clean Cookstoves Carbon Programme Central America (4C-Carbon) was developed as a greenhouse gas emission reduction programme to be certified under The Gold Standard, also known as a ‘Programme of Activities’ (PoA). The first project activity to be included under this PoA is located in Honduras and implemented by the Sustainable Energy Access Fund for Poverty Reduction in Central America (FOCAEP).

4C-Carbon, managed by Hivos, aims to promote an enabling market for efficient and clean cookstoves in Central America by strengthening local capacity to produce and distribute cookstoves and supporting microfinance institutions and banks to provide finance for cookstoves. The purpose of the programme is to enable low income households to purchase and maintain clean cookstoves in Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala.

As part of the carbon certification process overseen by The Gold Standard Foundation, people and organisations are given an opportunity to provide feedback on the general programme design and outcomes of the two stakeholder consultations already conducted. The first round of consultation was the PoA Design Consultation, in which stakeholders from all three host countries of the PoA were invited to provide feedback on the programme’s overall design. This took place on 7 November 2014.  The second consultation was a physical meeting on 27 November 2014 at the Honduras Maya Hotel, Salon Rancho in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. A third consultation is a Stakeholder Feedback Round, which will take place from 10 September until 10 November 2015.  

Hivos is pleased to share the following documentation for stakeholders:

  • The Local Stakeholder Consultation report for the Honduran consultations;
  • The revised Project Design Documentation for the Programme overall and the first Project Activity (Honduras);
  • The respective Gold Standard Passports

The documents can be accessed online here:

You may provide your feedback for this consultation round until 10 November 2015.