SieteXGuatemala: seven films, seven visions of Guatemala

April 15, 2015

“Remember to not forget”… Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. George Santayana

On April 9th, Hivos Central America released the film SietexGuatemala (Seven for Guatemala) in a packed theater at the Historic Centre of the City of Guatemala. The film is a series of short films by renowned filmmakers portraying the situation of human rights and justice in Guatemala.

The film exposes the audience to different realities of the country, from a non-ending history of genocide to eleven women who tirelessly struggle against a Canadian mining company for its violations of human rights. SieteXGuatemala aims to stir up discussion and dialogue, so citizens can judge for themselves about inequities and injustice in Guatemala.

“We hope that this work will lead to reflection and greater sensitivity on the issue of fundamental rights. This is a valid and profound vision of Guatemala today. This is an attempt to leave a testimony of what we live and feel at the beginning of the 21st century, “said Susana Rochna, Hivos Program Officer for cultural productions.

Throughout April, the Spanish Cultural Center in Guatemala will be screening the film at different times. SieteXGuatemala will also be shown at different international film festivals and human rights showcases, such as the Berlin and Buenos Aires Film Festivals.

The seven short films are: Confractum del Oscuro (Confractum of the dark) by Rodrigo Rey Rosa; Insight Abogado (Insight Attorney) by Uli Seltzner; Con la Misma Sangre (With the same blood) by Elías Jiménez; Huesos Rotos (Broken Bones) by Colectivo Cine en la calle, El Visualizador (The Visualizer) by Alfonso Porres, Cenizas (Ashes) by Carla Molina; and Gravedad (Gravity) by Daniela Sagone.

 SieteXGuatemala is an initiative of the Security and Justice Program, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and implemented by Hivos. Over the course of two years, the program will aim to strengthen civil society in Guatemala and Honduras and achieve sustainable improvements in their justice and security systems by securing human rights.