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Imagine you didn’t have control over what you want to do with your life and body. Like how many kids you want to have – if at all. Or imagine that a doctor refused to treat you because of who you are. For many girls and women, this is their daily reality. They face harassment, violence, and their sexual rights are not protected.

Hivos supports women in their fight to take control of their lives. We work especially with young women whose rights are least respected. For example, women living with a disability, identifying as LBTQ+, or living with HIV. But also migrant women and women repressed by patriarchal societies.

This is what we do

Hivos supports courageous women’s rights activists and their movements.

  • We bring them together to share knowledge, learn, and join forces. This is how we build strong global networks.
  • We ensure that young women are visible and that their ideas and experiences are heard.
  • We train them in lobbying and campaigning so that they can put pressure on politicians, policy makers and other decision makers.
  • We finance local feminist initiatives.

What we’ve achieved

  • Lifting the ban on emergency contraceptives
    We’re proud supporters of feminist movements in Honduras and have campaigned heavily with them to get the country’s ban on emergency contraceptives lifted. Our efforts were rewarded last year.
  • Improving sexual health services
    In Lebanon, we fight for the sexual health and rights of migrant women who are practically enslaved by special laws for foreign domestic workers. Our program offers them workshops on sexual and reproductive health, educates them on their rights, and refers them to inclusive healthcare facilities.
  • New sign language about sexual health
    What if you can’t stand up for your sexual and reproductive rights because you literally don’t have the words for things like menstruation, sexual violence, and sexual harassment? In Honduras, we supported the development of a new sign language dictionary with signs for sexuality and body parts.

About Hivos

We work for a world in which individual differences are respected and people can realize their full potential. A world where together, people fight the power imbalances that perpetuate inequality, rights violations, social injustice, and environmental degradation.

We help build and strengthen social justice movements, support change-makers who confront structural oppression, and throw a lifeline to activists in danger. We work with partners in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America on three impact areas: Gender Equality, Diversity & Inclusion; Climate Justice, and Civic Rights in a Digital Age.