SAYARAN – Call for Articles

April 30, 2018

Within the framework of the Women Empowered for Leadership programme, Hivos has the pleasure to announce the launch of Sayaran, a public opinion platform in Jordan and Lebanon for women and gendered opinions on public issues. We hope to attract young, alternative, and critical submissions, but we remain open to all individuals interested in public issues from a feminist perspective, or articles on public issues written by women and individuals of non-dominant gender identities.

Issue 1

What can elections achieve?

Looking forward and backwards at Lebanese and Jordanian elections

On 6 May 2018, the first parliamentary elections since 2009 will take place in Lebanon, already marked by the largest number of female candidates in the history of the country, in addition to the emergence of a number of alternative, new political actors.

On the other hand, Jordan held its first municipal and provisional elections on 24 August 2017 since the passage of the decentralisation law. Public opinion continues to analyze and reflect on the outcomes – has political space been created for new actors and women?

However, political participation cannot be reduced to the electoral process alone. Thus, we are accepting article abstracts reflecting on the mechanisms of political leadership formation.

To submit an article, send abstract and resume to

Deadline for Submission 26 May 2018

Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  • Alternative and/or rights-based agendas and priorities in politics.
  • Mechanisms of political leadership formation.
  • Gender-, women- or feminism-based political agendas.
  • Political leadership beyond the limits of the electoral process.
  • Gender agendas within political parties.
  • Patriarchal and stereotypical perceptions of political leadership.
  • Masculinity and/or patriarchy within mainstream political discourse.
  • Tribal, sectarian or familial power structures affecting voting behaviour.
  • The role of the media in influencing perceptions of political leadership.

For more information, contact Rebecca Saab Saade at

Submission Process and Guidelines

  • The deadline for submission is 26 May 2018.
  • Articles that are published elsewhere or submitted for publishing elsewhere will not be accepted
  • Abstracts have a strict limit of 300 words.
  • Final articles have a strict limit of 1250 words.
  • The abstract should clarify the chosen topic, scope and analysis. The methodology used should also be indicated: i.e. interviews, testimonials, desk research, etc. Stories and first-hand accounts will be accepted, provided that they are coupled with analysis.
  • The article is focused on Lebanon or Jordan. Comparative articles with countries in the MENA region are accepted.
  • A small committee will assess and select up to ten articles for further development.
  • Authors will be notified and given a month to develop their abstracts into full articles.
  • Articles will be published in both Arabic and English.
  • A small honorarium will be awarded on publication.
  • Key messages and findings will be summarized into visual content, mainly infographics.
  • Key messages and findings may be visualized into short videos.
  • Articles that fail to provide adequate references and bibliography will not be accepted.

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In 2016, Hivos launched the ‘Women Empowered for Leadership’ programme that works in 5 countries to promote women’s leadership at the political level, in public administration and within civic organisations. The program focuses on the sub-national since that’s where the decisions are made and policies are implemented. This program seeks to form an enabling environment to promote women’s participation in public life. For more information please visit:

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