Baseline survey of female workers in the chilli industry in Malawi

Women in the horticultural industry live in a male-dominated culture and are not accustomed to claiming their rights and lack knowledge about their labor rights. There is need to empower women in the chili sector in Malawi considering the fact that it is one of the global value chains that are driven by women. Hivos, under the Women@Work Campaign, seeks to promote safe and secure working conditions for women, promote powerful women workers, stronger civil societies and responsible employers and governments. It is against this background that a baseline study for women in the chili sector in Malawi was commissioned to understand working conditions for women in the chili sector in Malawi. The objectives of the study were two-fold:

  1. To clearly identify, articulate, and document the existing situation of workers as well
    as map stakeholders in the chili industry in Malawi.
  2. To suggest opportunities and recommendations for improvement based on the
    findings of the study.