Relationships in community organizing

December 10, 2019

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By: Shara Jazzar

In community organizing, relationships are essential. However, people do not invest in them randomly but search for individuals who have the same commitment towards their cause, as a result of choice not coercion.

There are different types of relations, some of which serve community organizing better than others.  For instance, public relations are better than private ones because they provide a bigger space for accountability and a wider spectrum of activity. In that regard, it is very important to introduce new individuals to the group once there is a feeling that it has become too close in order to maintain a healthy dynamics and efficiency.

In terms of creating relations, community organizers either rely on one on one meetings, on house meetings, or emergency meetings to find new members. This can be done either by being introduced to new individuals, or individuals from a previously joined network, or from active organizations. The choice will be made by community organizers depending on the campaign they are working on and its needs.