Tribeless Youth


Founded in Nakuru CountyTribeless Youth is an initiative established with the goal of promoting peaceful coexistence among the youth in Kenya. The organization tries to demystify the ideologies of ‘my tribe, my people’ in order to enhance unity amongst Kenya’s younger generation and turn them into change-makers.

The organization believes that art, humor and satire can be used to draw attention to existing social issues in ways that prompt critical reflection by Kenyans and inspire them to act. Tribeless Youth intends to involve a range of individuals – such as humorists, caricaturists, social commentators, animators, bloggers, vloggers and writers – to take part in creating the content for the weekly productions.

Its ‘#KenyaTop10’ outreach project will take the form of a weekly audio-visual production and social media campaign. Tribeless Youth intends to monitor, research and crowdsource ten of the most critical social issues that are in the spotlight each week and to develop social memory campaigns and digital trends based on specific moments. These might take the form of notable quotes and issues, most embarrassing events, or the most unifying and compelling moments of the week. Tribeless Youth will then use the information gathered to develop satirical and subliminal audio-visual content and will host monthly magazine events to showcase these works.

To reach a wider audience, ‘#KenyaTop10’ will be distributed on various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, as well as being hosted on Tribeless Youth’s own website.

Tribal Youth wants to oversee the mental shift away from a tribal-based politics. The group hopes to stimulate elections where leaders are chosen based on their capabilities and policies, rather than their tribes. They aim to amplify the national values that unite Kenyans by engaging youth through cultural activities that bring a wide range of people together.