Mingoli FM

My Urban Committee

‘My Urban Committee’ is a programme that will feature one presenter and a panel of young people discussing different issues arising within their community. They will cover topics such as survival and crime in ghetto areas, gender equality, and the role of women in society. ‘My Urban Committee’ will provide a platform for youth living in the ghetto to express themselves and put their perspective forward. These young people are frequently looked down on and sidelined by the government and other communities in Malawi. The show will provide an unfiltered and unedited look at the ghetto youth experience, tackling issues that are largely ignored by mainstream media channels. Mingoli FM also plans to involve local Malawian celebrities, who will provide their own input during the committee discussions and will help to motivate and encourage the youth.

Mingoli FM is an internet-based ‘edutainment’ platform that makes use of music and entertainment to help educate and inform young people in Malawi. It was established in order to find new ways for people to consume information and use alternative strategic approaches for content creation and sharing. Providing content that will educate, entertain and positively change the mindset of Malawi youth is part of the platform’s mission, while also encouraging umunthu (humanity to others), entrepreneurship and community development. Mingoli FM’s vision is to be an all-round media hub that focuses on youth empowerment through its use of edutainment and social involvement.