LakeHub plans to create a professional environment for makers and a ‘playground’ for them to experiment in. The group will put out a call for makers and creatives from six predetermined categories to showcase their work at an exhibition. The exhibition will focus on the following themes: storytelling, poetry and spoken word, music, visual art, sculpture, film, and vlogging. LakeHub plans to give the participants the opportunity to take part in a bootcamp that will train selected creatives in talent development, business development skills, entrepreneurship, sustainability, freedom of expression, and the use of technology and innovation in creative industry. The winners in each category will then proceed to a one-month incubation phase for further training and mentorship on various projects. In this way LakeHub aims to support creative workers by supplying them with tools, services and a community of peers.

LakeHub is a technology and social innovation hub based in Kisumu, Kenya. It aims to decentralise access to technology and create growth in entrepreneurship initiatives and social innovation. LakeHub provides an open and supportive space where young and talented developers, creatives, entrepreneurs and social innovators in Western Kenya can meet to network, learn from each other, brainstorm, and find solutions to societal challenges. Its vision is to be an innovation hub with a community of social entrepreneurs who create innovative and sustainable solutions for social change. Connecting and inspiring young technologists, creatives and entrepreneurs is one of LakeHub’s main missions, by providing training, mentorship and a co-working space.