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Concert series

Hamdan plans to launch a concert series, EP album and video titled ‘Voice of the Displaced’, to create a music project in collaboration with a range of musicians who have found themselves on Lebanese soil due to circumstances beyond their control. The project uses this topic as a further example of how the political circumstances in the region affect people’s lives. Musicians living outside their home countries present the issue by expressing their fears, hopes and dreams, thus spreading tolerance and understanding through their practice. The album will stimulate people to think differently about the musicians’ backgrounds and why they are where they are now. Undoubtedly some of their audience will find themselves in a similar situation. The musicians will record a four-track collaboration, produced over two weeks and presented through a series of concerts following the recording of the EP and creation of a music video.

Zeid Hamdan is a Lebanese music composer. He is the producer behind some of the most successful bands on the Lebanese and regional alternative scene. For instance, he co-founded the legendary band Soap Kills together with renowned singer Yasmine Hamdan. Hamdan’s texts are often romantic-humouristic, placing him in the Lebanese tradition of songwriters who combine melodies with a subtle satirical outlook on the bigger and smaller things of life.