Culture and Development East Africa (CDEA)


CDEA aims to deepen its work on social justice programming through the KI-KATUNI Critical Debate platform, focusing on leadership and governance. The project aims to stimulate artistic innovation through an Audio-Visual Incubator process between cartoonists, filmmakers and musicians. CDEA will broadcast the audio-visual content through Midundo Online Radio and YouTube. Through CDEA’s Facebook page, Midundo Radio’s presenter will be able to moderate public commentary on the social justice themes arising from the cartoon of the week. The visual arts are usually described as the silent arts, but this project aims to make the visual arts vocal. It does so by creating critical debate around viewpoints on big issues affecting society, as raised by cartoonists.

Culture and Development East Africa (CDEA) is a creative think tank that provides cultural and Pan-African thought leadership for creative, social and scientific innovators. Through structured workplace learning, incubation, research & advocacy, and capacity building for social change, they hope to stimulate creative practices. The think tank also tries to rethink how space can be used to enhance sustainable workplace productivity and green community lifestyles. CDEA exists to facilitate multi-stakeholders to use culture as a resource to stimulate innovation and find solutions for sustainable production and lifestyles. Three of their key programmes are Culture and Governance, Documentary and Future, and Organisation Development. The Culture and Governance Programme focuses on promoting inclusive or participatory governance in decision-making along the creative value chain, as well as advocating for culture’s role in sustainable development by interweaving cultural policies and other public policies. The Documentary and Future Programme focuses on artist development through co-creation, innovation and incubation. The Organisation Development Programme focuses on sustainability, strategy and culture, as well as the strengthening of CDEA internal systems and processes.